Whats wrong with AWS & other cloud tech?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 10:00:33 MST 2011

> You made a comment about the outage in April.  I know that we have taken it very >seriously and have identified and implemented things to prevent similar things from >happening.  It was a all hands on deck situation. On the side, I manage a friends site and >even though he was affected and a single instance user (the site doesn't get enough traffic >to justify anything else, yet), I was able to take a snapshot of the instance and launch in a >different AZ and get him back up after a few hours even though the main instance that was >affected was stuck for the whole duration of the outage.

On the other hand I had a client lose an entire site during the
outage.  He was in a single AZ, his data was stored on an EBS volume
and that volume somehow became non-recoverable even after the outage
was over.  Thankfully his weekly backup had run a few days before and
we were able to move his data to a shared host temporarily and restore
when things were worked out.

Still I agree if you design it with a different mindset you can
quickly make highly survivable infrastructure, but in my own opinion
it does require a completely different mindset.

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