Java update broke a Java app?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Fri Nov 18 08:33:24 MST 2011

Hi Everyone,

I've got a question, I'm hoping someone with experience on the Java
self-update mechanism might have an answer for.

My wife uses a custom Java app for her job which involves writing ad-copy.
The app interfaces directly to a NoSQL db and allows her to translate
the engrish (piss poor chinese translations) product descriptions
contained in her company's database into actual english.

Last night about 11pm, her system performed an auto-update for Java,
this morning the app won't launch for her anymore.
What's odd is that it's working here just fine.

The app is written in Java 7.
I only have 7 installed and she has 6 & 7, but otherwise we have
identical systems.

Is it possible that the java update could have changed her default JVM
back to Java 6?
If so is there any way to prevent that sort of behavior in the future?

Thanks in advance!

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