Solved!: One shot website fine tuning needed, html/css

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Thu Nov 17 16:36:06 MST 2011


I just to take a moment to thank everyone who stepped up to help with this.
The problem has been solved now.
It turned out to be a CSS bug, basically a padding value was in the
anchor def but not in the overall div, this caused a largish click
area to be produced which wasn't really anywhere near the link it was
supposed to be around.

For the record, it did take getting the CSS & the HTML to validate
first before the error showed up properly in the Chrome "inspect this
element" area, but once it validated it was actually pretty easy to

Now the site is fully validated against CSS 2.1 & HTML4.01 Strict, I
think that may actually be a first for me :)  Plus the client is happy
because page load times have been reduced by 25%

Anyways, thanks again for the help, suggestions and just outright
support you have shown, bugs like this are a bit tricky to track down
and it always helps to have extra eyes.

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