Why your tech CV sucks

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On Wed, 16 Nov 2011 14:51:17 -0700
Robert Merrill <robertmerrill at gmail.com> wrote:


> How about giving me some feedback as to why the other guy pipped
> me at the post? How about telling me what they liked about me, so I
> can make sure to do it again the next time you ring me up,


This I think is a legitimate beef. If a recruiter wants to work with
candidates over time and build up a good supply of candidates, he'll
give the unsuccessful candidates some feedback.

Of course, that assumes two things:

* That the recruiter got some feedback from the client company.

* That the recruiter is actually interested in building a long term

But then I may just be nostalgic for the last century, when good
recruiters actually did give feedback.


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