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((Ahh, How I love a good recruiting-related thread in the morning))

On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 8:16 AM, Charles Curley
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> On Tue, 8 Nov 2011 07:32:31 -0700
> Robert Merrill <robertmerrill at> wrote:
> ... Email list etiquette
> > (and document format) always trumps technical abilities in my
> > screening ;-)
> >
> > </sarcasm >
> But good netiquette and document format may be prima facia indicators
> of technical ability.

Indicators, sure. Of course, some of many.

> In a hirer's market, when one may get hundreds
> of resumes per opening, that may be enough to get an application tossed.
> So the wise applicant will pay attention to such things. Also to
> spelling, grammar, etc.

Ahh, to be in such a situation -- where I had even tens of applicants
per opening ;) Have you seen an uptick in recruitment proposals? It
may be due to a combination of factors including the fact that
technology jobs in Utah remain in high demand, driving up competition
(which drives up wages--good for all of us).  Indeed, though it's
lagging, the DWS reports that Utah County dropped its unemployment
rate by 0.9% in ONE MONTH from Sept from Aug 2011 and SLC county dropped to
6.7% off from 7.4% a month ago

The fact remains (and Jim, please feel free to concur or differ with
what you're finding) that, if you're a talented engineer, and you live
between Ogden and Payson, Utah, the chances are very high you're not
only employed, your relative (if not actual) earnings today are
greater than they were two-three years ago because of other offsets
(except for notable increases in fuel prices and rent).

If you DISLIKE your employer for any reason, this is a good time to
look around.  As the economy is shaking out, companies have more cash,
are being conservative about WHO and HOW MANY they hire, **but** the
people they hire, they are generally trying to take care of.

My employer, Novell (which went private 6 months ago and
simultaneously merged with Attachmate and NetIQ ( )) has been hiring strategic positions for
the last four months.Novell's HQ has been relocated to Provo, and we
have focused our technical hiring in this market (which, honestly, is
HARDER to hire in than other markets). I have more than 40 openings on
my desk at the moment which are in active interviewing/hiring. I am
starting between 3-5 engineers per week right now, but these are long,
difficult recruitment processes where finding candidates is not easy.

Hence, go ahead and top-post.  I will likely talk to you anyway ;)

> Charles Curley

Rob Merrill
Sr. Recruiter, Novell / SUSE / Attachmate / NetIQ

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