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Tue Nov 8 08:16:39 MST 2011

On Tue, 8 Nov 2011 07:32:31 -0700
Robert Merrill <robertmerrill at> wrote:

> Doran, I'm not sure how Perelson is screening for this job, but you
> hit *my* key hiring criteria right on the head. Email list etiquette
> (and document format) always trumps technical abilities in my
> screening ;-)
> </sarcasm >


But good netiquette and document format may be prima facia indicators
of technical ability. In a hirer's market, when one may get hundreds
of resumes per opening, that may be enough to get an application tossed.
So the wise applicant will pay attention to such things. Also to
spelling, grammar, etc.

Would the applicant want to work for someone who prejudges an applicant
based on such criteria? Maybe not. Then again, it may be better than no
job at all.


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