[ubuntu-us-ut] Spell Checking in Empathy

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 16:22:56 MDT 2011

On 11/04/2011 03:18 PM, Charles Curley wrote:
> Grumble. gconf-editor does not show empathy or telepathy under "apps".
> It also has no way to add a new app.
> <rant>I'm sure there's a tool that will let me do so, but I
> resent the time I have to waste learning how. This is another thing I
> don't like about Gnome, this brain dead pseudo-registry. It was stupid
> when Windows did it, and it's stupid now. Why not just have a
> plain text file one can edit with any text editor, like Bell Labs
> intended us to?</rant>

It appears that Linux distros are moving from gconf to dconf, as if that
would make things any better.  Or maybe it will.  So if you install
"dconf-tools" or "dconf-editor" depending on your distro.  Then you run
"dconf-editor" you should find the conf key for empathy and there you
can change the language from en to en-US.  From what google tells me,
this language thing seems to be a long-standing bug in empathy.  I'm
still sticking to pidgin.

<content-free>Gconf and Dconf aren't ideal, but let's be honest.  The
way Bell Labs intended us to configure our programs is unwieldy.  My
home directory is littered with dot files, some of which go back more
than 10 years and I'm am not sure if I need or not.  And each config
file in /etc has a different format.  Some are psuedo INI, some are XML,
some are in between.  Some are in perl, some are in python, some are
just keywords.  Let's be honest, the status quo is only something us
hardcore geeks could love.  Personally I think dconf and gconf are done
way more correctly than the registry.  They have a schema that can be
managed by apps and the package manager.  And they can still be managed
with a text editor (default is XML I think).  they aren't married to a
binary backend format.</content-free>

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