Perl is ALIVE! (was: Beautiful Southern California...)

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Thu Mar 24 22:26:39 MDT 2011

On Thursday, March 24, 2011 09:06:18 pm Tod Hansmann wrote:
> Of course they're not in the 21st century.  They're hiring perl guys.

Rumors of Perl's death (or imminent death) have been greatly exaggerated. The 
Perl community continues to produce excellent modern software. The number of 
modules available from CPAN has grown at a terrific pace over the last few 

Some very exciting developments (pun intended) have occured in recent years 
that make developing in Perl an even more enjoyable experience than it was 

- Moose is a post-modern object system that makes OO development easy and even 
- PSGI/Plack, a new paradigm for web development based on WSGI and Rack
- DBIx::Class continues to evolve as the ultimate way of working with 
- Strawberry Perl makes it a piece of cake to develop, run, and deploy Perl in 
a Winbloze environment 
- Padre is a powerful cross-platform IDE for Perl development

Here are some others you may want to research yourself:

- Try::Tiny
- local::lib
- POE (getting to be an oldie, but still a goodie)
- autobox
- autodie
- Bread::Board
- Fey
- Starman

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