Launching the user's preferred terminal

Dave Smith dave at
Thu Jun 30 22:29:52 MDT 2011

I am writing a Linux desktop application (written in Qt) in which I'd 
like to launch the user's preferred terminal. I am at a loss for a way 
to do this that would work across multiple distros: RHEL5, RHEL6, Fedora 
13+, Ubuntu. I have used xdg-open, for example, to launch the user's 
file browser, web browser, etc, but I am at a loss for how to launch the 
correct terminal. For now, I have just resorted to always launching 
"xterm", but that is pretty lame. At one point, the xdg-terminal script 
looked promising (which I only found mentioned via Google), but none of 
the package managers seem to know about xdg-terminal on any of the 
aforementioned distros.

Any ideas?


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