Online CCNA / Linux course recommendations

Mike Wright mikewright.plug at
Fri Jun 17 11:51:04 MDT 2011

I'm interested in taking an online CCNA course. What are
your recommendations for a course that is cost-efficient and provides the
resources (simulator, study materials) to effectively configure Cisco
equipment and prepare for the exams.

As an alternative to online, it seems that Mountainland Applied Technology
Center (by UVSC) seems to be cost effective, but does anyone have any
experience with them?

Also, I'm interested in Linux certifications. What are the best
certifications? Linux+ seems to be a good start, but it seems that Redhat
certifications (RHSA, RHCE) are more in-depth and in demand.

Also, if there are any in-person courses you would recommend, I'd love to
hear about them.


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