Worst Interview Ever?

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> Interviewer:  "No we've got someone who does that, he's the CEO's son
> and he's the Project Manager, you would be working directly with him
> to turn his diagrams into software."

Well, that should have been a really good clue right there.

But then, that they shuffled the interviews around like that at the
last minute should have set off alarms.

After reading that horror story, I think you should thank your car and
your wife's deodorant for doing their dangest to save you from a
horrible fate. And your wife, for providing the deodorant.

I think the worst interview I've ever had was at Microsoft. The manager
was a young woman, much younger than I was. We chatted about various
things, including some of the kids television shows I had worked on
when I was in Hollyweird (which is a whole 'nother tale).

After the interview, I did the math. When I was working on those shows,
the manager was of an age to have been their prime marketing target.

However, like your interview, this was no great loss. The product was
Bob. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Bob


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