Amazon EC2 Service

Eric Jacobs eric at
Wed Jun 8 12:11:43 MDT 2011

On Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 12:02 PM, Merrill Oveson wrote:

> I've set up instances to Windows 2008 R1 servers.
> I've connected, but then after a while of working, the thing just freezes.
> So I reboot and then it takes forever to let me remote back in.
> So based on my experience I would say the service is:
> a) unreliable
> b) slow
> c) unstable
> Has anybody else had issues?
That just sounds like every Windows experience that I've ever had. Doesn't matter if it's EC2 or on a machine in my office.

I've never used EC2 though. I do know a few people that use Linux on EC2 and I haven't heard of any problems from them. Do you have a *nix instance on EC2 that does the same thing?

Eric Jacobs

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