Collective Wisdom : Zmanada v Bacula v ??

Tod Hansmann at
Mon Jun 6 17:32:47 MDT 2011

On 6/6/2011 2:59 PM, Victor Villa wrote:
> Greets oh wise PLUG collective that have pondered the depths of infinity,
> space-time and that's just this past week.
> I come seeking advice on backup software solutions.
> I've read some great things about Zmanda, and Bacula looks pretty good.  The
> backup "server" is an i7 w 4GB RAM running ubuntu 11.04.  The box has 2 hot
> swap SATA bays in the front that I was hoping to backup to.
> Can anybody speak to either of the software above, or another FOSS solution?
> thx
> mj/v
Very high-level, very limited exposure answer (I attended a few storage 
conferences where there were demos using both, and this was a while back):

Amanda is easier to setup/use, and Bacula is more flexible.  I don't 
actually believe the last bit, because they're both open source and 
flexible is ambiguous.  That's just what the marketing people were 
telling me.

Maybe try installing both and see what you can setup in an hour?  In my 
opinion, if a backup solution isn't easy enough to setup in under an 
hour at this point in the history of computing, it's probably not worth 
looking at further.  (There are a lot of products that fit this 
description.  It's really quite sad.)

-Tod Hansmann

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