Collective Wisdom : Zmanada v Bacula v ??

Jessie Adan Morris jessie at
Mon Jun 6 15:26:51 MDT 2011

On Monday, June 06, 2011 02:59:28 PM Victor Villa wrote:
> Greets oh wise PLUG collective that have pondered the depths of infinity,
> space-time and that's just this past week.
> I come seeking advice on backup software solutions.
> I've read some great things about Zmanda, and Bacula looks pretty good. 
> The backup "server" is an i7 w 4GB RAM running ubuntu 11.04.  The box has
> 2 hot swap SATA bays in the front that I was hoping to backup to.
> Can anybody speak to either of the software above, or another FOSS
> solution?

I have been using Bacula for about a year now. It works really well, though 
configuration was not very simple. Granted, my setup isn't super simple either 
(Incrimental daily, weekly differential, monthly full), but I rellay, really 
like it. I have used it to restore deleted/modified files many a time.

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