how to add file to /proc

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Sun Jun 5 23:01:54 MDT 2011

On Sat, June 4, 2011 19:41, hatem gamal elzanaty wrote:
> hi all ,
> i have a problem to add a file to /proc does there is a simple way or
> even a how to program syntax to do so the system reject to enter the
> file i need to enter into the /proc file can any one tell me how to do
> it or direct me to a how to a free method that is simple and accurate


If you can let us know what file you think you need added we might be able to
help out. The procfs (/proc) is a special file system for accessing internal
kernel and driver memory structures, etc. It exists totally in RAM. Generally
you don't add files to it. If you can tell us exactly what you want to do we
may be able to explain what needs to happen on your system.

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