how to add file to /proc

Byron Clark byron at
Sat Jun 4 20:56:19 MDT 2011

On 06/05/11 at 04:41am, hatem gamal elzanaty wrote:
> i have a problem to add a file to /proc does there is a simple way or 
> even a how to program syntax to do so the system reject to enter the 
> file i need to enter into the /proc file can any one tell me how to do 
> it or direct me to a how to a free method that is simple and accurate

Creating a file in /proc is going to require a kernel module or a
patched kernel. Chapter four[1] of _Linux Device Drivers_[2] describes
how to create a file in /proc.

That said, it's no longer considered good form to add anything to /proc.
The new home for this information is the /sys filesystem or debugfs.
LWN has a quick guide for using debugfs[3].


Byron Clark

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