March Meeting Ideas?

Jason Jones poeticintensity at
Fri Feb 25 17:13:15 MST 2011

> What software do you use? What hardware do you have connected to your Linux
> system(s)?
Until recently, I used ardour ( for my main DAW system, and did
so for 2 years.  My interface hardware consists of two linked M-audio Delta
1010's, giving me a 16 simultaneous audio stream capability.  The delta 1010
uses the ice1712 kernel module, and believe it or not, is 100% compatible.
 an alsa config script links my two 1010's together so ardour sees 16
inputs, with no problems yet.  For plugins, I used about 10 of the hundreds
of LADSPA plugins available.  JACK is also required for ardour, and is a
magical piece of software.

About two weeks ago, a forked (and proprietary) project called "mixbus" was
released by Harrison  (  The founder of ardour, Paul
Davis is helping them out, too.  Mixbus has some crazy-good award-winning
summing engines built-in, so I couldn't resist.  I'm also now using the
LinuxDSP plugins instead of the LADSPA ones, where I can.

There's a little more hardware in my audio chain, but I think that's all
that is directly related to Linux.

Oh, I've been using gentoo on an AMD64 system (quad-core with 4G RAM, and it
runs like a charm.)

Any more questions?


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