Python's 20th Birthday (well, public release birthday) Extravaganza Lunch Party!

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Fri Feb 18 14:12:20 MST 2011

What: Python's 20th Birthday (well, public release birthday)
Extravaganza Lunch Party!

When: Monday at 12:15

Where: Izeni.  We're located at the Novell TCN, also known as the
building formerly known as OSTC, also known as (but not really
numbered as) building A.  (Campus Map:

Who: Python Users worldwide*, plus a special invitation to Guido van
Rossum: We'll pick up the plane tickets and hotel if you want to join
us :)

Queridos Pythonistas,

As any faithful subject of Guido (the Benevolent Dictator for Life)
must already know, this Sunday marks the 20th anniversary of Python's
first *public* release[1].  (I know, such a tender age...)  Since we
all know that attending a birthday party for the awesomest computer
programming language of all time is on the top on everybody's bucket
list, Izeni would like facilitate the fulfillment of your wildest geek
dreams by throwing perhaps the best programming-language-themed
birthday celebration ever known to mankind.

We'll be gathering Monday to have pizza, giant subs, spam with eggs**,
and a specially commissioned Python-themed cake by Joseph Hall of 3D
TuxCake fame[2].  We're working on getting a snake charmer too!  (Know

Come join us, mingle with other Python users, and enjoy some great
food!  And spread the word!

Please try to RSVP by either by tweeting me @izeni or emailing me
offlist so we can get a (rough) food estimate.

Gabe Gunderson

* While everyone is welcome to join us for cake, there are certain
restrictions for free pizza/subs/spam-and-eggs. Specifically, you must
meet at *least* one of the following qualifications:

0) You have commit privileges for Python.

1) You have read and given *serious* thought and consideration to 'The
Zen of Python'.

2) Your license plate says PEP-0008.

3) You use Python professionally or as a hobby.

4) You have an untrimmed beard that's longer than 1 inch (or are at
least trying).

5) You have a Monty Python tatoo.

6) And lastly, you enjoy playing the game "snake" or just like the name Guido.

Due to what we expect to be an overwhelming response, we *will* be
checking for non-pythonista freeloaders by verifying *basic* knowledge
of the Python language. We also reserve the right to inspect your
keyboard for disproportional wear on your "{" and "}" keys and may
additionally do random spot-checks on your webservers for the
'X-Powered-By' headers for any traces of PHP.

** We really will be serving spam and eggs.


BTW, if you're looking for a gig writing clean code in Python, we're
always looking for sharp hackers.  Let us know!

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