Adobe Security Policy - New Poll

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Feb 16 16:18:39 MST 2011

On Wed, February 16, 2011 15:50, James Lance wrote:
> Before I vote I'd like to know about timing.  I often don't know up until 5 or
> so if I'm going or not.
> Could the system be flexible enough to handle late registration/cancellations?

I just had a discussion with the Adobe on-site security manager about our
situation. He is hearing that the group isn't really crazy about these new
restrictions. He stated that Adobe still wants to host PLUG. He is going to
work to try to get us a waiver for these security policies. He personally
feels it is a little overboard for our group given the on-site realities of
where and when we meet.

If I hear back that they aren't willing to waive the policy, then it looks
like we will be shopping for a new meeting place. Preferably one with free
soda! :-) However, I think it is likely that Adobe will grant PLUG a waiver.


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