Adobe Security Policy - New Poll

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Feb 16 11:45:55 MST 2011

Adobe has a security policy that is different from the old Omniture policy.
Adobe requires pre-registration of all attendees. They require this so they
can print off temporary visitor badges for each attendee before arrival. The
badge must then be worn during the meeting and then returned to security
following the event. Not pre-registering may mean you can't get in. Not
showing up when you have registered means Adobe wastes a lot of time and money
printing badges for people who don't show up.

Adobe does not have an external system for registering attendees. We would
need to build our own RSVP system. I've created a poll to get your pulse on
this change. Do we:
1) Commit to the Adobe security policy.
2) Find a new place to meet.

Poll here. Please take a moment and click on one of the options:


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