Duplicating SD cards en masse

AJ ONeal coolaj86 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 11:42:45 MST 2011

I've got a client who has a product that will be shipped hundreds at a time
that each have an sd card

The catch is that each card needs to be stamped with a unique id in a file.

My thought is to

   1. use a standalone sd duplicator to prep the cards
      - mark duped sds with a marker
   2. write an app that
      - runs whenever an sd card is inserted
      - copies the id from a database
      - turns off the usb power
   3. plug in each script by hand to add the id
      - wait for the light to turn off
      - mark the sd card with a marker

If possible I would like to combine all 3 steps by having access to the
duplicator in Linux.
Does anyone know of a device for such a task?

AJ ONeal

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