voip over wifi via cell phone

Derek Cox dcox at aquaveo.com
Tue Feb 15 10:42:07 MST 2011

I use 3cx phone for android (VOIP) app.  .  IT works well in a wifi area.  I
have also tried using the SIP with 3g, but haven't had a lot of luck.
 Supposedly you can use the 3cx phone app over 3g as well.

Here is the link for the app.


On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 10:27 AM, Jeff Moyes <ml at mindstormdevelopment.com>wrote:

> Hey,
> I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about the following (I'll
> ask lots of questions just to show the types of things I'm wondering,
> but any information about any of this would be helpful so please don't
> be turned off by the quantity of questions).
> I've heard that with smart phones, if you are in a wifi zone that you
> can connect to, you can reroute your calls over the wifi (using voip)
> and not use the cell radio (and therefore not use up cell minutes).
> Does anybody know, is this just for some smart phones? or can
> essentially any smart phone do this? Of the phones that can do this, is
> it just built into the phone or do you have to go and grab your own voip
> client for the phone?
> I'm thinking of getting an Android based phone (yes, there is linux
> involved with this question   )
> If I'm just installing some third party voip software, is it just
> something like Skype or Fringe?
> Is it possible to reroute cell calls through the voip (like by getting a
> SIP account and then getting a Google Talk account that is set up to
> also contact the SIP account whenever the cell number is called, and
> then just answering the SIP connection instead of the cell connection)?
> In addition to any help from the list, does anybody know any good
> resources that talk about this (hopefully without tons of telecomm
> jargon or else explanations of the jargon as you go)?
> Thanks!
> Jeff
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