Git - determine branch remote source

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Mon Feb 14 10:09:05 MST 2011

Thank you everyone for your responses.

Andrew McNabb wrote:
> There might be a better way, but you could always do:
> git config branch.master.remote
> to show the remote associated with the branch "master".

Hi, this did indeed report which remote branch was created from, but it 
did not report which branch on the remote it was from.

Nathan Blackham wrote:
> I always look in the .git/config file in the repo.  It has all config
> for that repo including the remote location.

This does work, I just thought there would be an official method that 
didn't involve messing with the underlying git file system.

Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
> You could type:
> git remote -v show

This shows the remotes.  What I am looking for is if I branch one of 
those remotes, how do I tell which remote and remote branch the local 
branch was created from.

I think I found the answer though.  There is a command "ls-remote".  
This appears to show the current checked out local branch's remote URL 
(not the remote's local name) and the remote branch.


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