Eric Olsen falconv at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 11:41:55 MST 2011

> I was thinking doing the same.  Which server software do you run, standard
> or custom, classic or beta?

I run standard beta. I used to run classic as well, but my boys have stopped
asking to play classic and only play beta now. I used to have it running on
my primary server, but have since discovered MineOS which I recommend to
anyone who wants to run their own server. It's the entire OS, so you can't
run it on an already existing server, but if you can handle that then it's
nice to have everything set up for you including a (very basic) web
interface. I have an ESX server at home, so it was easy to set it up on it's
own VM.

>  And how resource intensive is it?  I mean, would it cause problems if I
> put it on the same server as some web sites I have?
You can configure it to set how much memory you want to allocate to it, as
far as I can tell it's mostly memory-intensive. I give mine 2GB, but by
default MineOS had it set to 1GB. I didn't notice any performance problems
while running it, but my website isn't really used much anymore. I did
notice that when my kids would watch a movie off the same server remote
players would get disconnected, but I never got dropped playing on the same

Another plus of MineOS, others have been mentioning c10t and other plugins,
MineOS comes with those with a nice button to generate the maps on-the-fly
and web access to see the maps. I've had fun with that. I've also configured
mine to run in RAM Disk (even though I probably don't really need it with
just a few people), and also incremental backups. I haven't set up the
plugin yet, but it has built-in support for bukkit. MineOS has tutorials on
most of these options.



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