part time job

Merrill Oveson moveson at
Wed Feb 9 08:56:16 MST 2011


I'm looking to fill a part time job as Assistant (Intern) to the IT Manager.

Hours: 20 to 30 per week (very flexible - if there's a need to attend
class, take a test, goof off with friends, etc.  Just ask.)

Pay: start @ $10/hour

Tasks: Anything and Everything to do with IT including Networking
(TCP/IP, firewalling, cabling, etc) , OSes (Linux, Windows 7, Windows
2003, etc), Hardware Repair, Programming (php, sql, html, etc),
Testing (Selenium), Documentation (maintaining Wikis), etc.

I don't expect this person to be an expert or even advanced in any of
these topics - just general knowledge/awareness.
I do expect this person to have a real passion for learning and a
"never give up until I figure it out attitude."

This is an excellent opportunity for a student in his/her junior year
of college to:
a) get hands on experience in the IT field
b) be able to put something on his/her resume besides "relevant course work"
c) have a solid reference on his/her resume

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please have him/her
send an email to moveson at



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