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<quote name="Nicholas Leippe" date="Mon,  7 Feb 2011 at 20:44 -0700">
> When I have a document open and the Page Display is set to "Single
> Page" I can change pages with a single page-up or page-down key-press.
> However, if I enable "Reading Mode" or "Full Screen Mode" it then
> requires *two* page-up or page-down key-presses to change the page.
> (The first key press scrolls the page about 1/2 a line.) Why is this
> and how do I get rid of this behavior? It's becoming annoying, but
> googling the topic seems futile.
> It doesn't matter whether "Show Gaps Between Pages" is enabled or not,
> or whether Zoom is set to "Fit Height" or "Fit Page".

Many programs, though not all, do just exactly that, scroll half a page
when pgup or pgdown is pressed. When not in reading mode, reader forces
the screen to contain the "Single Page" so it simply cannot, in that
mode, display the bottom half of one page and the top half of the next.
In reading mode, this is allowed, and pgup/pgdn is then able to scroll
to the half page.

In evince, the gnome default pdf viewer, reading mode is known as
"continuous" (a checkbox in the view menu), but there the pgup and pgdn
still scroll an entire page at a time. Maybe you just want to use
Von Fugal
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