Linux Gaming?

Steven Morrey sdalemorrey at
Sun Feb 6 20:31:21 MST 2011

Hello Everyone,
I just did a fresh load of Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop, and since I'm
planning to use this particular machine for gaming now, I figured I'd
go through the repository and see what new games there are.
Problem is there are thousands of games for Linux out there.  I've
tried maybe 20 so far and while some are great, some well lets just
say they need a little polish.
I do remember the days when Tux Racer and Frozen Bubble came out, and
I am a little bit sad to say that so far I've not seen many games rise
to their level of polish and that was over 6 years ago wasn't it?

Anyways, I started this email with the intent of gathering feedback
and suggestions about what Linux games the community finds to be fun
to play.  But while doing some research on the subject myself, I was
pleasantly surprised to see that Ryzom is back and they have finally
released a Linux client.  Has anyone on the list tried it out?  What
are your thoughts on it?

Thanks in advance,

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