CUPs issues

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Feb 3 17:50:23 MST 2011

I'm having two CUPs issues on a server.  If anyone has any ideas please
let me know! This is Cups 1.3.x on RHEL 5.6.  Because of policy I cannot
upgrade to 1.4 as that's not what RH ships.

First, anytime I go to do an operation that requires some sort of
administrator login on the web interface, I'm redirected to the secure
url. The problem is that no matter what I do in cupsd.conf, it always
wants to redirect to instead of
https://hostname:631/admin/blah.  This causes problems because my
certificate is only valid for the hostname.  Also when other clients use
BrowsePoll to pick up the queues, they all get a URI of, instead of

That's just an annoyance though.  The real problem is when I mess with
settings under the admin tab, even though I've already typed in
credentials to the browser, it asks again, and won't accept anything.
My config file is pretty darn close to default RH stock, except that it
allows non-local connections and lets anyone on my network send it jobs.

Anyway, just thought I'd ping the list on this one.  Has me stumped.


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