password storage (Stuart Jansen)

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On Tue, 2011-02-01 at 06:13 -0800, Make Compile wrote:
> can you suggest a good open source similar to ldap approach. I'm
> looking to have all password and username centralized in one location
> server where all servers should be authenticating it via this type of
> mechanism.

Could you rephrase the question? Obviously Linux has LDAP support in
several different forms at several differnt layers, so all I can
understand from your question is "what technologies are similar to
LDAP?". Is that what you're looking for, or something else?

Tnx guys for the affirmative response. Yes sir similar to LDAP. I mean could there be any open source technologies that has the capability as well to centralized all the password and by then when the user login on his/her webserver like sample nagios the username and password should come from this authentication technology. 

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