Supplier Opinions?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Mon Aug 22 15:32:46 MDT 2011

Hello Everyone,

After having a harrowing experience with DFRobot from China sending me
completely the wrong product.  I'm wondering what companies others in
the group have dealt with, that they would either recommend or
recommend avoiding.

In my case I ordered an Atmel Atmega328 (arduino) processor which only
cost $6.00 but ended up being $25 after shipping costs; only to find
that it was AtMega168.  Of course they will gladly refund my $6 if I
send it back to them, but I would have to pay return shipping myself.

Can anyone recommend a good reliable supplier, preferably in the
U.S.A. for uC and that sort of thing?  I've already tried Central Utah
Electronics in Provo and while they are a great company, they are
limited to PICs series only and their stock on hand is a bit limited.

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