need some home networking help

Steven Alligood steve at
Tue Aug 16 11:08:40 MDT 2011

On 8/15/11 9:42 PM, Gary Thornock wrote:
> For everything you've mentioned except DansGuardian, I'd probably second Victor's suggestion to go with pfSense.  That's what I'm using on my home firewall right now.
> That said, if you do need DG, ClearOS looks like a pretty easy way to get it all working.  (Comixwall would work well, too, but there hasn't been a new release for a while.)  I'm sure it could be done just fine on Ubuntu, too, but ClearOS gives you a nice web UI for managing the whole thing.

I played with ClearOS a few months back, and I was less than impressed.

They run constant annoyware in their interface, bugging you to upgrade 
to this filter service or those ips rules.  Add to that the intensely 
slow performance with any if it turned on, and I bailed on it.

I then tries Asgaro.  They sell a professional linux based service, but 
have a free for home use license which includes all the filters, rules, 
etc.  It also acts like a real firewall when setting up the rules.  I 
very much liked it.

The one issue I had that I could never get it past was Netflix streaming 
for my Panasonic bluray players.  Everything else worked exceptionally 
well, including netflix streaming to my computers and the AppleTV.  It 
was just those blueray players that wouldn't work, no matter what I did.

Other than that, great product.


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