need some home networking help

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I use both clearos and zentyal at work and haven't decided which I like best yet , but. They are both so easy to setup and install I think even YOU could do it. :) All web based configuration, they both want you to pay a subscription if you want the latest updates but I haven't done that on either. I also use opndns at the schools I work at for even stronger filtering, can't have the kids looking at boobies. 

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It uses DansGuardian, but I haven't actually set that part of it up yet (OpenDNS is good enough for my family right now). But the nice thing about Zentyal is that it is standard tools, so once you use the GUI to do the basics you can tweak DansGuardian as much as you would like. 

I haven't looked at traffic shaping with it. That might get tricky. Doing a quick Google search, it looks possible but I don't have any details. 

As for me doing it, I'd love to spend an afternoon hanging out with a friend I don't see enough. You can just wave the fee you usually charge to put up with me. <grin> 

But I won't have time until October (family illness and work deadlines have got me pegged). 

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On Monday August 15 2011 18:49:40 Brett Rasmussen <brett.rasmussen at> wrote: 
> On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 5:42 PM, Richard Esplin 
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> > I got tired of maintaining all of this stuff, so I setup Zentyal Server. 
> > It's an Ubuntu based small business server. It does a good job at making 
> > setup easy, without breaking the standard ways to solve problems. 
> > 
> Richard, how good is its content filtering? And have you done any traffic 
> shaping with it? And are you interested in some quick supplemental income? 
> :] 

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