32 vs 64 bit today?

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 09:43:58 MDT 2011

On 08/13/2011 06:14 AM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I just wanted to take a quick poll and ask what the current state of
> the whole 32 vs 64 bit thing is now days when it comes to distros.
> I remember a few years ago there were some major issues when going
> with a 64 bit distro and was curious to know if this is still the case
> at all or if all those kinks have been worked out by now?  Is there
> any reason given a 64 bit processor that anyone would still need to
> use a 32 bit distro?
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I pretty much exclusively use 64 bit Distros, Linux, BSD and Windows. 
There was a time a couple years back where flash and zsnes were 
problematic on 64bit machines, but this has long been solved. I actually 
run 64bit and 32bit Arch Linux systems on identical hardware and I 
actually have more issues with the 32 bit system than the 64 bit. 
Typically with xorg. One of these days, I'm going to reinstall the 32 
bit back to 64, since the experiment I was conducting is long completed, 
but I just have to get the wife's permission to break her system long 
enough to do it ;) As for Windows, again, I tend to prefer the 64bit 
offering for Windows 7, however I ran into performance issues when 
running a couple games on the system, Saint's Row 2 and Assassin's Creed 
2 both had major frame skip and used terrible resources. I installed the 
32bit Windows 7 and these problems went away. I assume it has to do with 
the WoW 32bit emulation Windows uses to support all that stubborn 32bit 
code that exists out there, but aside from that, I advocate 64bit usage 
pretty much across the board.

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