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If I'm understanding correctly what you want to do, you ought to look into 
Ubuntu Studio. It's a whole distribution aimed at multimedia creation. On 
the audio side, it comes with a whole bunch of software for doing whatever 
you'd need: sampling, sequencing, mixing, etc. Apparently they've also done 
some low-level tweaks to reduce audio latency, and I think they're roughly 
in sync with the standard Ubuntu release cycle as well. 

>From what I've read (which isn't all that much), the linux alternative to 
something like Fruity Loops would be ardour, which probably comes with 
Ubuntu Studio. 

I haven't used any of these things yet, but am planning on it sometime soon. 
So I can't give any report on how well it works or how complete it is, but 
I know there are full project studios based off of linux, one run by a guy 
on this list. 

One thing that might be a caveat: you said you have no budget for this, and 
the paradigm that I'm slightly familiar with is having at least some sort of 
instrument outside of the computer for actually creating the notes. For 
example, a MIDI synthesizer that you would play on to send note data to the 
computer, for which you'd need a MIDI sound card, and the software would 
provide the sound itself. Or you could use a synthesizer or mic or guitar 
that you were just recording into the computer via a sound card that took 
XLR or 1/4-inch inputs. For these sorts of things, I've been looking at the 
M-audio Delta 1010lt (~$180), which is a sound card that has a whole bunch 
of different dongles of different types of audio inputs and outputs. With 
something like that, you could do all of the above and more. 

But that whole paradigm is based on having at least some external hardware. 
As for creating the notes directly on the computer, I know there's stuff 
out there that does that, like GarageBand in the Apple world, and there 
probably is stuff like that in linux, but I just haven't played around with 
all of it enough to know. 

- Brett 

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On a related note I just upgraded some of my audio gear so I have a M-audio Delta delta 44 sound card and a M-audio midiman 2x2 and a Peavey StudioMix 8 track controller board. I don't want much for them so contact me off list if interested. 


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