Best internet access in draper?

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Wed Aug 10 13:11:59 MDT 2011

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 11:43 AM, Eric Olsen <falconv at> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 9:43 AM, John Shaver <bobjohnbob at> wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 9:53 PM, Tod Hansmann < at>
>> wrote:
>> > There is a major difference between Veracity and XMission.  The latter
>> > is a quality ISP with great people and technology and a solid support
>> > structure for the savvy technologist and the average user alike.  The
>> > former, well, they have mixed reviews in my book. >.>
>> Were I lived for the last 4 years, we had both at some point.  The
>> first one we had wasn't great and the second one was great.  There
>> were very few outages and any time there was, they contacted us to let
>> us know exactly why.
>> Since I wasn't paying for it, I don't remember which was which.  The
>> guy who WAS paying for it is on this list though, so maybe he'll chime
>> in :).
> It's exactly as Tod said. Veracity was great as long as it worked (so
> Utopia's connection was great). When it went down however, their customer
> service was horrible. If your internet ever goes down, don't expect their CS
> reps to know what's going on or if it will ever be fixed. XMission has been
> much more like a Utopia though. I won't even know the internet went out last
> night and I'll get an email telling me what happened and how they're fixing
> it. If it goes down, I call their support and if they don't already have a
> message on their phone system telling me what's going on, their support
> techs will know. It's been a great experience, and I don't have to pay much
> more to get it.

Xmission is certainly the more mature company, but Veracity is getting better.

I have 30mbps up/down fiber from Veracity.  It's pretty solid.  I only
have a couple of outages per year, so I rarely have to contact them.
When I do contact them, I've noticed they get better and better each
time.  I had an outage about a month ago.  I called them and a
competent person immediately answered the phone.  She immediately
diagnosed my problem as a bad optical transceiver on the fiber portal.
 It turns out they only have a lifespan of a few years.  A couple of
hours later a clueful and kind technician replaced the optical
transceiver in my house, as well as the one on the other end of my
line at the neighborhood hub.

Their phone service is not quite as solid as their internet service,
bit it also is much better now than a few years back.

This is in Provo.  Perhaps they differ in quality in other areas.

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