Best internet access in draper?

Tod Hansmann at
Wed Aug 10 12:04:20 MDT 2011

On 8/10/2011 9:43 AM, John Shaver wrote:
> I've never used DSL in the past. Anyone want to share their 
> experience? What kind of speeds does DSL provide now? Thanks! 
DSL can get speeds of up to 7 Mbit down and 768kbit up if you're close 
to the CO.  Cable gets faster.  DSL is a dedicated line for just your 
use.  Cable around here is a shared line between you and your 
neighbors.  You are provisioned a certain piece of the overall 
bandwidth, and they hope not everyone is using much of it at any given 

Honestly, I have both on my network.  I prefer my DSL line, but the 
cable line is much better for large downloads at off-peak hours.  It has 
its ups and downs for performance.  The DSL line is either working great 
or (rarely) down completely.  This is usually Qwest's fault, but I have 
xmission and they tend to come clean immediately when its their fault.

So yeah.  Trade-offs all over the place, and it depends on what you want 
to do with the line.

Pick your poison =cP

-Tod Hansmann

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