Best internet access in draper?

John Shaver bobjohnbob at
Wed Aug 10 09:43:11 MDT 2011

On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 9:53 PM, Tod Hansmann < at> wrote:

> There is a major difference between Veracity and XMission.  The latter
> is a quality ISP with great people and technology and a solid support
> structure for the savvy technologist and the average user alike.  The
> former, well, they have mixed reviews in my book. >.>

Were I lived for the last 4 years, we had both at some point.  The
first one we had wasn't great and the second one was great.  There
were very few outages and any time there was, they contacted us to let
us know exactly why.

Since I wasn't paying for it, I don't remember which was which.  The
guy who WAS paying for it is on this list though, so maybe he'll chime
in :).

> As for Draper, they are not a Utopia pledged city, but that may or may
> not mean anything.  I'm sure if you can get DSL, you can get it through
> XMIssion over whoever owns the copper (as a bonus, they are very
> affordable and you can get a /29 subnet pretty easily if that's your
> thing, like it is mine).  Comcast will likely provide the cable internet
> service.  I am not aware of any city ISPs like Provo or Spanish Fork,
> etc, has, so that's probably your options right there.

I've never used DSL in the past.  Anyone want to share their
experience?  What kind of speeds does DSL provide now?


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