Best internet access in draper?

Bonez sanchiro at
Tue Aug 9 22:50:07 MDT 2011

For what it's worth, I tried Comcast's 'consumer' grade service first
and it worked 'OK', but then I switched over to their basic business
grade service. The business grade includes an SMC gateway/cable

I have been using VOIP in various flavors for several years. When I
moved from the Motorola surfer modem, the little one that stands on
it's side, to the SMC device, all my VOIP woes went out the window.
Much better performance with the upgrade.

On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 9:53 PM, Tod Hansmann < at> wrote:
> On 8/9/2011 6:08 PM, John Shaver wrote:
>> I just moved to Draper and am now for the first time in my life able to
>> choose which company I subscribe to for internet access.  Does anyone have
>> any recommendations for stable relatively fast and inexpensive internet
>> access in the area?
>> Is Fiber available up here?  The last ISP I had in Orem was
>> Veracity/Xmission Fiber and I was very happy with the speed and service.
>> I guess I'd also prefer a company that doesn't mind me setting up some of my
>> own services (http, ssh, some game servers, etc.)  Sorry for any funny
>> formatting.  I don't have an ISP yet so I'm sending this from my phone.
> There is a major difference between Veracity and XMission.  The latter
> is a quality ISP with great people and technology and a solid support
> structure for the savvy technologist and the average user alike.  The
> former, well, they have mixed reviews in my book. >.>
> As for Draper, they are not a Utopia pledged city, but that may or may
> not mean anything.  I'm sure if you can get DSL, you can get it through
> XMIssion over whoever owns the copper (as a bonus, they are very
> affordable and you can get a /29 subnet pretty easily if that's your
> thing, like it is mine).  Comcast will likely provide the cable internet
> service.  I am not aware of any city ISPs like Provo or Spanish Fork,
> etc, has, so that's probably your options right there.
> There's the extent of my knowledge on the subject. =c)
> -Tod Hansmann
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