PLUG Update

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Mon Aug 1 14:12:40 MDT 2011

Jason Hall handed the reigns of PLUG over to me in 2006. Jason told me the
life of a PLUG dictator was about five years. I agree. I'm still interested in
helping PLUG out, but I have zero motivation to organize meetings or pretend
to be in charge.

So short and sweet, PLUG needs you (the person who would like to be the new
dictator) to fit in one of the various scenarios:

* You take responsibility for everything.

* You arrange meetings and be the 'PLUGger in charge', and I'll continue to do
website updates and announcements (two people better than one, trust me).

* You take over mostly everything and I can continue supporting whatever you
don't take over.

* No one steps up. I'll continue to support the server and mailing list. You
(anyone who wants to) arrange meetings when you feel like it and I'll send out
the details.

Or some mixture of the above. I suppose if by some chance we have more than
two volunteers we can do a vote or whatever you folks thinks makes sense.


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