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Tue Sep 28 10:22:13 MDT 2010

<quote name="Steven Alligood" date="Tue, 28 Sep 2010 at 09:12 -0600">
> On 09/27/2010 11:59 PM, Doran L. Barton wrote:
> >On Monday, September 27, 2010 10:49:08 am Von Fugal wrote:
> >>I have a blown up car stereo and a working antique cabinet stereo. The
> >>antique does phono, tape, cd, radio, so needless to say it's kind of
> >>awesome. However, the cd player doesn't track, it'll load, *maybe* glean
> >>some track info, then fail to play for more than a second.
> >>
> >>So, like any self respecting DIYer, I hope to integrate the cd player
> >>from the dead car stereo into the cabinet stereo. First glance it looks
> >>pretty straight forward, the ribbons to the optics are of the same
> >>count, and the various motor wires would be easy enough to solder up.
> >>The ribbons to the optics, however, are different sizes. I've been to
> >>CUES and the guy said they don't have that kind of ribbon connector.
> >>Does anybody know where else I might try to find such connectors -
> >>either adapter to go from one size to another, or two connectors I can
> >>manually hook together? Also, any warnings about trying such a feat?
> >Maybe PLUG can hold a fund raiser to get you a real CD player.
> >
> http://www.walmart.com/ip/Coby-Personal-CD-Player-with-Stereo-Headphones-Black/10050613
> The ribbon connectors will cost you more than a new player.

You guys just don't get it. This thing is COOL. It plays records, and
the needle is good. I haven't tested the tape deck but I don't care much
about that. It looks cool (I'll post pics somewhere if anyone is
interested) and, well, it would be a better use of space if it could
play CDs along with records and radio.

I already did buy a new car radio to replace the blown one. This is a
home stereo thing that I think would be cool to have. Besides, doing
this stuff is fun for me.

You say ribbon connectors would be more than a new player? So do you
know how much they would be then? Where to get them? What about if
anybody has old junk that may contain such connectors that I can
cannibalize? The CUES guy suggested conductive adhesive, but I don't
know how I would manage that on such a small scale (16 connectors in
1/4" space).

Von Fugal
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