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Mon Sep 27 18:56:57 MDT 2010

Someone else already answered most of the questions. But here's my referral URL, if you
want to use it. ;)

On Mon, September 27, 2010 1:19 pm, Chad Mayfield (Lists) wrote:
> Hello all,
> After slumming around with lower end VPS's for awhile I am looking to
> upgrade to a nice VPS at linode.  I know there are quite a few people with
> on the list, and hopefully someone could answer this question.  I
> am looking for a discount coupon... not a referral code.  I have searched
> all over and cannot find a valid code.  I know perhaps that they do not
> issue them often because they already are at a good price.  But it is much
> easier to sell to my wife that I am paying $17/mo for a discounted VPS,
> rather than $20/month.  All of the "coupons" that I have found are actually
> referral codes for existing customers to get a discount on my signup.
> So the question is, does anyone have a coupon code for a signup?
>  Yes I know there is a pre-payment discount, but I want month-to-month until
> I get everything setup and verify it will all work for me.  If you have a
> discount code that will actually save me money please let me know.  If the
> person who shares one with me has a linode account I would be more than
> happy to sign up with your referral code to save you some money too.
> Thanks!
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> Chad R Mayfield
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