reclaiming unavailable space on ext3 or 4 using tune2fs -m

Scott Edwards supadupa at
Mon Sep 27 00:55:45 MDT 2010


> So on my machine I always mount /home from a separate file system.  On
> my mythtv box I also keep my recordings on separate file systems from my
> root file system.  Running this command on my home workstation got back
> 30 odd GB of previously unusable space, and on my myth box, I got back
> about 45 GB on each 1 TB disk.
> Thought I'd pass along this tip.
Great tip.  I like keeping some "heads-up" free space reserved.  If I run
out of space, I can adjust this on demand.  It's not always convenient to
clean house when you run out of space, so having some buffer to adjust this
buys you some time while you make a note of it.

I also leverage lvm2 with unallocated space until needed.  I can allocate
space to a volume, and grow a file-system hot (usually; no
unmounting/fsck).  I suggest the LVM 2 Howto.  I vaguely recall visiting
these pages at least a dozen times so Google tells me.

One other way I manage free space relates to long descriptive names in my
source directories.  Underneath my src/ directory, I have directory names

It's not always apparent why I downloaded code (apt-get source ...).  I
might have lingering patches I don't want to lose.  I might have an old
research item I can safely nuke.  It helps me keep the safe to "rm -rf"
directories easy to identify.



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