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Fri Sep 17 12:59:16 MDT 2010

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 09:32:15AM -0600, Von Fugal wrote:
> Properly trimmed responses will have the reply, the context to the
> reply, and even the many generations of context.

So what does that mean for our thread, where initially, it started out
as someone looking for a job, morphed into whether or not you should you
should reply to the list if you're interested or reply to the poster,
then into top-posting versus bottom-posting. Most of which has been
lost. So, now I get to find the email where Levi rebuked the thread, and
more if I want to see where Stuart knee-jerked.

If everyone had top posted, regardless of the lengeth of the mail, I
would only have to pull up one message to find it, versus many.

> It contains whatever
> the poster felt relevant to his reply. Proper trimmers take thought of
> what is relevant, and include it, while simultaneously discarding that
> which is not relevant. I have jumped into archives of both top-posting
> and trim-posting and the trimmed messages are way way easier to get into
> than the top posted ones. For starters, on the top posted message, you
> have to read BACKWARDS!!! Drives me nuts!

It might drive you nuts, but when people have been in the thread the
entire time, it's a non-issue. You're already aware of what has been
said in the thread, so reading the reply at the top is no big deal.

When you've just entered the thread, mid-thread, then I agree that
top-posting is highly annoying, due to how you must read the email to
catch up.

> Trimmed messages I can start
> at the top, skip paragraph by paragraph until I find something new or
> interesting, and keep on going down to the reply.

On the lists I'm in, I've never seen anyone keep anything more than the
previous reply. So, jumping in mid-thread, I get the wonderful
opporunity of reading several mails along that thread to catch up.

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