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> 99% of all people top post because the email tool they use puts the
> blinky cursor at the top of the email when they press the "Reply"
> button.  Outlook, gmail, hotmail, Mail.app, GroupWise and most webmail
> offerings put the cursor at the top of the email for the user.  I
> always thought that the designers/developers of these various mail
> clients had valid reasons for choosing this default behavior...
> Little did I know that they were actually just corroborating with
> those "management hierarchy" types to strike a stinging blow against
> the down trodden.

The software is big part of it.  We use Lotus Notes and because it is a
rich email client trying to bottom post or break up the post is ugly.  What
people internally end up doing is going down into the body of your email
and using the highlighter color to respond in the body of your email.  Then
when somebody replies, they try to use a different highlighter color in the
body of the reply to the reply.  Ack!


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