(un)professional e-mail skills -- was Re: JOB: Linux System Administrator

Stuart Jansen sjansen at buscaluz.org
Fri Sep 17 07:06:03 MDT 2010

On Fri, 2010-09-17 at 02:48 -0600, Levi Pearson wrote:
> Grow up, guys.

Dude, I love how you automatically assume that I'm whining about
unimportant issues like an overlong ethernet run or port 79 being
blocked by the firewall.

Your maturity has inspired me. I now realize that I'm completely
incapable of communicating. Until now I thought I was asking for
critical information to debug an issue or understand a customer's needs.
I even had the temerity to think I was editing my messages according to
the audience! I should have realized that stereotyping is bad when
applied to anyone else, but 100% accurate when applied to me.

Your superior wisdom, despite having no knowledge of any of the specific
events, has humbled me. I now revere you as an omniscient demigod and
dream of one day being capable of showing only 1% of the respect and
life experience you've just displayed.

You overwhelm me. The power and beauty of your argument is a thing I
never thought possible. Until now I never imagined there might be "a
world outside of unixoid operating systems, system administration, and
internet tradition." I vow to explore this mysterious world with its
painful, bright daystar and poorly regulated temperatures! Perhaps then
I will be worthy to again enter the presence of others without
"look[ing] petty and ridiculously anal."

I think you're the one who needs to grow up.

You've known Torrie and I for years. Do you really think we're incapable
of effective communication in the work place? Have you truthfully never
experienced what we're talking about? Do you really think a culture of
trimming and context posting doesn't help the writer more carefully
consider the content of a reply?

Clearly you think you're the one who is superior. Pot meet kettle.

Stuart Jansen <sjansen at buscaluz.org>

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