mime type being changed by mod_rewrite

Stuart Jansen sjansen at buscaluz.org
Fri Sep 17 00:14:30 MDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-16 at 23:52 -0600, Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> I am rewriting some URLs with mod_rewrite. Everything is being sent as
> text/html, even stylesheets, javascript scripts, and images. Does
> anyone have any idea why the mime-type is being set to text/html for
> everything and/or how this can be fixed?

My gut reaction is that mod_rewrite doesn't have anything to do with the
actual problem.

Are you generating the the MIME header, or are you relying on mod_mime? 
If you're generating the header, I'm pretty sure your code is doing
something different than what you think it is. If it's static, I'd look
closer at your mod_mime configuration.

The only thing I can think of as far as mod_rewrite is an unexpected
interaction with mod_mime. Perhaps changing the order you load the
extensions will help.

Stuart Jansen <sjansen at buscaluz.org>

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