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Steven Alligood steve at
Thu Sep 16 14:37:51 MDT 2010

On 09/16/2010 01:33 PM, Eric Olsen wrote:
>> Experienced Linux users trim and context post.
> ...and then I go ahead and make the same mistake again!
> 2) Check the To: before hitting send. Reply to list is nice, but it can
>> embarrass you if you're not careful.
> And making sure I follow the advice right away... doubly embarrassed :)
> -Eric
Actually, nothing to be embarrassed about.

Some people on this list think there is One True Way of responding to 
email, but you will find that it is entirely context related.  Figure 
out what a particular boss, organization, or list would like, and do 
that for them.  One company I was at wanted the entire message every 
email, so those late to the CC list could catch up.

And in case you really want to know, in 25 years of sending email, this 
is the ONLY group I have interacted with that has ever really cared 
about it enough to make a stink about it.  Do what makes sense for the 
communication you are doing.


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