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Tod Hansmann tod at
Thu Sep 16 14:34:16 MDT 2010

  In order to provide another perspective (possibly less valid at that):

On 9/16/2010 1:02 PM, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> 1) Suits top post without trimming. Experienced Linux users trim and
> context post.
There are many who would (and do) also call this wasting a lot of time.  
I'm not personally one of them, but I see the validity in that 
viewpoint.  I had a good discussion in #utah about this and my summary 
of that talk is that this is sometimes very detrimental to communicating 
accurately, and sometimes it's very important to achieve accurate 
communication.  As with all communications, know your audience and pick 
and choose how to package your message to be best received.

A good rule of thumb might be that if you're talking to open source 
purists or linux users from a previous era, trim and bottom post.  For 
mixed audiences or just modern email users, they tend to keep track of 
their email conversations better with a top-posting environment for 
whatever reason (the speculation of which is less important than the 
fact that it is so).

-Tod Hansmann

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