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Eric Olsen falconv at
Thu Sep 16 11:10:08 MDT 2010


I'm looking to become a Linux System Administrator. I've been taking care of
my own Linux servers at home for a while now, but because of little hands-on
experience I wouldn't consider myself a Linux Guru. I do pick up on things
pretty quickly however, am detail-oriented, and very focused on getting the
job done.

If you've already found someone, that's great! I just thought I'd throw my
name in the hat real quick just in case :)


On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 3:08 PM, <cwood at> wrote:

> Position: Linux System Administrator (digEcor - Springville, Utah)
> Overview
> The Linux System Administrator position is an exciting opportunity to be
> involved with systems used by passengers on aircraft around the world every
> day.  This position will be involved with system administration,
> integration, and quality assurance related to video programming,and
> client-server automation utilizing the latest technologies on cutting edge
> hardware.
> Essential Duties and Responsibilities
> - Maintain network, servers, and telecommunications related items
> - Oversee all purchasing of electronic equipment (PCs, etc)
> - Handle issues that are technical that may be related to server
> administration or other odd technical problems for other departments
> - Available 24/7, when needed, to handle problems with remote servers,
> telecommunications, or the network
> - Install and configure new Linux servers
> - Oversee network layout and manage LAN//WAN/VPN
> - Administer remote servers at customer facilities around the world
> - General Windows server administration
> - Website server administration
> - Non-admin tasks: video integration, user interfaces, graphics, etc, on
> digEplayers
> - Security administration (PCI, MPAA)
> Qualifications
> - Self-motivated, self-managed
> - Problem solver - sees opportunities and researches resolutions
> - In-depth knowledge of Linux and Linux networking
> - General knowledge of Windows servers
> - Must be able to script in Linux and handle automation of processes
> - Beneficial to have experience with Apache, Mysql, PHP, CMS, Flex, Java,
> Video Encoding, Encryption, VMware
> - Thorough understanding of hardware technologies including components for
> machines (CPUs, hard drives, RAM types, etc), disk arrays (RAIDs), Linux
> partitioning, etc.
> - Must be detail oriented for video integration tasks
> - Must be fluent in English for quality assurance tasks (visual spell
> checking)
> Note on video content:
> While we strive to select video titles that are fit for a general audience,
> there is the requirement to inspect some 'R' rated titles, unrated foreign
> titles that are equivalent to an 'R' rating, or foreign TV shows that may
> contain content that would not meet U.S. TV broadcast standards.
> About Us:
> digEcor is the global market leader in portable in-flight entertainment
> (IFE) for the airline industry.  We created the portable IFE market in 2003
> with our ground breaking digEplayer 5500 (AVOD) which was followed in 2008
> by the digEplayer XT and we have now introduced the digEplayer L Series.
> We are looking for talented and skilled employees who are energetic and
> passionate about their jobs, our products, and our company.
> We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.  We are an Equal
> Opportunity Employer.  (
> For applying, please see
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