samba hide shares

Levi Pearson levipearson at
Wed Sep 15 12:17:58 MDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 6:49 AM, Merrill Oveson <moveson at> wrote:
> I appreciate everyone's comments.
> However, I'd like to see more discussion on how to actually do what
> I'm interested in and less of the other stuff.
> Like examples of smb.conf files using groups and how to actually set this up.
> I still need to solve this problem.

One thing I saw recently was the inclusion of files based on the
identity of the connection.  The smb.conf file has 'macros' that
expand to things like the user name, machine name, etc. that you can
use in config directives.  If you put the things that only user Joe
should see into 'smb.conf.Joe' and put 'include =
/etc/samba/smb.conf.%U' in your main smb.conf file's [global] section,
you should get the desired effect.  If you set up groups, you could
use %G to only include shares for the 'admin' group for users that
belong to that group, or you could include files by netbios name as

I haven't tried this myself, but it may be worth looking in to.


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